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Father Gasto Lyimo

Father Josepf

Father Chidi









Chairperson :  Rachel E.

Vice Chairperson : Asong N.

Secretary : Lilian S.

Treasurer : Rachel E.


Liturgical Workgroup Representative : Jerome J.

Sacramental Workgroup Representative : Rachel E.

Social + Youth Communication Representative : Savio D.





The introduction of the International Masters Programs in the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart witnessed a growth in thenumber of English-speaking students. Those who were Catholics increasingly found it difficult to worship in German due to thelanguage barrier. As a result, some either did not attend mass or joined other Christian denominations around Stuttgart that worshippedin English. Concerned about this, the Catholic chaplain of the University, Mr. Odilo Metzler summoned some students andpriests among whom were Enowashu Esther, Pamela Ayiera, Rev. Fr. Aquilin Mrema and Rev. Fr. Benz to a meeting to addressthis issue. The priests agreed to start celebrating monthly Masses with the students on the first Saturday of every month in the St.Antonius Kirche, Paracelsus strasse, Stuttgart. This gave birth to the International Choir of the University Ecumenical Community of Hohenheim and the first English Mass was celebrated on October 2nd, 2004.


It was soon realized that other English-speaking Catholics outside of Hohenheim were interested. Besides, the students were eagerto have Holy Mass more frequently. It was always difficult to get a priest to say Mass regularly every week since Father Benz and Fr. Aquilin had multiple commitments. The latter tabled the request of the English-speaking community to the Diocese who at the time seemed reluctant to create another separate Catholic Community. In fact, it was a new diocesan policy to create parishes and not only Catholic Communities. After several meetings and lobbying by Fr. Aquilin and others, an English-speaking Catholic Community was created with a possibility of becoming a full parish in the future.


Fr. Aquilin who had led this initiative summoned a planning meeting on March 13th, 2010 in the Yellow Salon of the UniversityEcumenical Community building in Hohenheim. During the meeting, Fr. Aquilin revealed that he had been in contact with the ParishPriest of St Maria’s Church who had agreed to offer a place of worship on Saturdays 6:30 pm in the St. Maria Church which isa more centrally located place for the new Community to start celebrating Mass.


All planning was completed during this meeting and the First Mass was celebrated on 10th April 2010, at 6.30 pm in St. Maria’sChurch, Stuttgart marking the birth of the English-Speaking Catholic Community of Stuttgart.


To God Be all Glory!


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